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  • More Alive With Color

    Discover your personal colors! Now Leatrice Eiseman, the world’s leading color expert will show you how to achieve personal fashion style through the colors that will energize your wardrobe, cosmetics and hair, flatter your face and figure and make shopping easier. Based on the colors of your eyes, hair, and skin (and your psyche) – discover your personal range of beautiful colors in Leatrice’s "Colortimes." Tear out your personal Colortime palette and take it with you to make shopping fun, easy, and in tune with you! 

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  • Color: Messages and Meanings

    Based on research, this companion to Pantone® Guide to Communicating With Color presents current insights on color and emotion and addresses how best to integrate these qualities into your work, ensuring your intended message is communicated. Experience inspiration through hundreds of the most effective color combinations communicating moods ranging from assertive to provocative or intimate, as well as many other moods.

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    The Color Answer Book, Leatrice Eiseman has selected more than 100 questions people ask her most and divided them in the areas that most affect our lives – emotional responses; wardrobe planning, makeup, hair color, and accessories; decorating your home and office for yourself and for those you live and work with; your health; and even your garden or outdoor spaceages & meanings.

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  • PANTONE® Colors for Your Every Mood

    Discover your own colour preferences and how to make them work for you.  From Lee Eiseman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute and America's leading colour expert.  This how-to book offers practical information and fascinating psychological insights for everyone who makes colour decisions.  Illustrated with more than 150 exciting colour combinations.  Learn which colour combinations create calm and soothing moods, which demand drama and excitement, which make a place or a person feel whimsical and carefree, which colours can change a room from rustic to romantic or from traditional to dynamic.

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  • PANTONE® Guide to Communicating with Color

    Published: OUT OF PRINT

    Use the PANTONE Guide to Communicating with Color to make your colour choices credible, predictable and effective.  Filled with hundreds of colour combinations and illustrations, this book is based on consultant Leatrice Eiseman's popular seminars on the psychology of colour.  Apply these essential guidelines and illustrations to all your projects - branding, packaging, point-of-purchase, advertising, signage, logos, web sites and more!


    With this useful guide you'll find everything you need to make colour work in your designs - from valuable colour terms to a chart for converting PANTONE spot colors to Hexachrome® and process formats.  Created especially for anyone interested in the psychology of colour and meaningful colour combinations, this guide uses Pantone's universally utilised colour systems to ensure that colour comes out just the way you like - no surprises.

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